Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's in my blood

Some of my earliest memories are picking black eye peas on my grandpa Moreno's farm. My grandparents grew vegetables, and so did my parents. Gardening is a passion of my dad. Sometimes I think I love plants so much because I miss him so much. I often think of what my parents would think of my garden. Someday I'm going to grow so many vegetables I'll need to sell them or give them away. And I believe that's just the will of God for my life. I see a garden like an artist sees a blank canvas...I see the potential. And I have already bought seeds for this years garden. I'll start the seeds, and trust God to give me the ground I need to put them in. I love this women in the video. She knocked on a door and asked for a yard! I did that last year. It wasn't ideal...but it worked..

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Shelley said...

I just got some bean seed and cauliflower seed in the mail yesterday.
Bought one bag of dirt today.
Now its time to clean that green house and get it ready.