Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One more house to look at

This is an old farm house built in 1922 and totally renovated 4 years ago. They still need to put the insulation and stucco on the outside walls. That work is included in the price. It has 5 bedrooms (we would need to add on 2 more rooms to get our guest room and a room for each of the kids). As you can see from the slides there is a barn, and maybe that could be converted for the boys? The garden is awesome! I hope to see the house on Saturday. It's not as charming as farm house number one, but also not as much work. Imagine raised garden beds next to that wall, with roses growing up the wall! The place has good potential. It's Bad Scönborn, not Sandhausen. But I love both places...we will see.


Shelley said...

This place looks like less work and then you'll be able to focus on the garden right away.

caring for the garden said...

ould be a good compromise. It actually looks really nice.