Friday, January 21, 2011

I think he will change schools

I prayed with a friend today about Thomas' school. We prayed that he would want to change schools now, not later. So when I picked him up I asked him how it went. I decided not to push a change, I decided not to even ask. So Thomas starts telling me about the day, and he says the teacher said they all want me to come to school there. So I asked him, so what do you want? He said he wants to change schools now, but he just doesn't know what to tell the kids in his class. I think we can figure that out...and I hope he will change schools at the beginning of the next term (only a week away). If we can figure it out He will change schools. I told him it's good to be loyal to your school, but he needs to invest in friendships that are good for him. The class is smaller at the Christian school. And the entire 6Th class at his school has as many students as the Christian school has (there are 8 over crowded 6 grade classes). Thomas feels like a number. He is shy and gets lost in the crowd. And when he plays soccer at his school they yell at him if he makes a mistake. So far they are so glad to have him on their soccer team at the Christian school. When he invited the kids in his class to Lego Day at our church, they laughed at him...they said Lego is for babies. The first kid he met at the Christian school loves Lego. He has cases of it. I told Thomas not to stress out over what his class will say, he needs to do what is good for him.

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