Thursday, January 06, 2011

More farm house dreams

I made a new video of the farm house. I also have a few new ideas. If we turn the living room/dinning room into a big kitchen/dinning room, and turn what is the kitchen into a coat room/laundry room that would work better. Then on the next floor we could have 3 bedrooms, a bath room an office and a guest room. Then in the very large attic, we could have 3 more bedrooms and our living room. Normally you would have the living room on the ground floor, but I don't see the space for it there. Eventually I would love to renovate the barns, but we would need some big money for that. The architect can tell us if we can use the space under the roof. I'm really excited about having a big kitchen. We will see!


caring for the garden said...

How big is the area you call the entrance? It looks to me like it is enclosed and a bit lower than the door off of it, leading to the main part of the house. If you raised the floor over most of it, built stairs to the raised area about 4-5 feet in from the big door. Could you use that area as a living room? I am assuming there is access from the back of the property that could be used for the car.

Birgit said...

Es wäre schon sehr schön, Euch hier in Bad Schönborn zu haben, Amy!
Ein schönes neues jahr wünsche ich Euch.