Sunday, January 30, 2011

More house ideas

OK, I'm thinking out loud on my blog. But here is what I'm thinking....
The house in St Ilgen-Leimen has a East facing garden. It will never get full sun. It's a great place to grow flowers, but not good for vegetables! I loved the garden in Bad Schönborn. What's more, I loved the location , the price and the house. Everything is good there except the size. We need more space. So Juergen found a company near Frankfurt that builds home additions from Shipping containers. Juergen found it(can you believe it)! And they can build us a custom addition at a good price. So Maybe it can work? I know 2 other families looked at the Bad Schönborn house yesterday. I'm not sure if they are interested in buying it? But maybe we will contact the Realtor and ask about adding on to the house. Maybe it will work? Here are the photo's I took of the house.

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Shelley said...

I like this house because it's less work. Modern for Juergen and a yard for you.