Saturday, January 08, 2011

the floor plan

My Mom wrote…

"Could you use that area as a living room? I am assuming there is access from the back of the property that could be used for the car."

...The back of the property has no access. It is a grave yard (really). And on either side another large garden. So it has no place to park a car. It's very quite in the garden, and private. So I guess that's the good news. You have to park in the court yard. There is no parking on the street. We would have good space in the attic for a living room. We think we can put the guest room on the ground floor where there was once a small kitchen. We think that we can put a hall way where the pantry is, and the old laundry room can become my mud room and back door. Here is a link to the floor plan. The first plan is how it is now. The second plan is how we think we can use it. We need to see an architect to see what he thinks. On the ground floor I want to put a wheel chair ramp, and wider doors. I also want to redo the small bathroom so it has a zero clearance shower with a seat, and bars for the toilet. I’m thinking about my parents, Juergen’s dad, and us 20 or so years from now. If you have to redo it, you might as well do it right. Feel free to give me input. If there is something more I should be considering, stuff I would wish I had done?

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