Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm wondering how we will do it, but I'm sure we will be Ok.

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I got up early with Philip, Thomas and Nicole. I watched Thomas pack his swim stuff for school. About an hour later the phone rings. Thomas had forgotten his swim stuff under the table. I am in my PJ's. I have to get dressed to put Jessica and Sarah on the bus. Juergen has to deliver the swim stuff to Thomas' school. No big deal...right? But it's Monday morning and I had plans to drink my hot coffee slowly. And on Wed-Fri Thomas will try out the Christian school. Juergen will have to drive him to school every morning. I'll have to get dressed and put the girls on the bus every morning. No more waking up slowly with a nice hot cup of coffee! But OK...I can give up my coffee for my son. I'm wondering how we can do any of it? I'm thinking about changing his school, I'm thinking about renovating an old farm house. Crazy! Why not just stay in my PJ's and drink my coffee? I think about my own Mom. She left a safe job, and the income of that job to go to the University (this was after all her kids had grown up). After she graduated she could not find a job in Oregon, so they moved out of state so she could work in her field of study. Was it worth all the trouble? It makes me think of a saying "ships are safe in the harbor, but that's not what they were built for". I really can not say if my parents would have been "better off" if she stayed in her job, never moved, and played it safe. But she knew she was meant for more. I respect her for taking the risk, and I respect my dad for supporting her dreams. I have dreams too. Yes, I'm almost 50 years old and maybe I should just slow down. But I really don't want to regret anything and say "I should have, could have". So even if it means giving up my morning cup of coffee I'll do what ever it takes to get Thomas to a better school. And we will just have to see about the rest. If it's the right path for us, we will renovate a house. That's just not clear yet. But I'm not playing it safe just to "play it safe". I'm grumpy, it's Monday but I'm not ready to stop living!


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