Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a wake up call

Here are photo's from my garden today. The tomatoes are starting to produce fruit. It's so interesting to see the different sizes and shapes of these heirloom tomatoes. Soon they will be a rainbow of red, yellow, orange, black, purple, green and even white. In a week or 2 they will finally be ready to eat. I'm watering them every single day, even 2 times per day because of the heat. I hope to make sauce, salsa, and even sun dried tomatoes. And I love eating cherry tomatoes like candy. We will have lots of tomatoes for our salad too! And I'm getting squash , peppers and eggplant. I also have a large variety of summer flowers. And look at the grapes and kiwi! We have strawberries but only enough for a handful at a time. I'm seriously thinking about keeping my house. We hope to have it painted in the fall. The bathroom will maybe get done in August. To move would cost allot of money and time, and create a hugh amount to work. In the end I fear I could not physically manage more then what I already have. I wish I had a big farm house...but maybe I really don't wish it. I feel so shaken up by my fall yesterday. I love what we have here. The pergola is so nice and peaceful. I was so sure I should move…but now I am leaning towards staying. Maybe that fall was a wake up call? Is it wrong to read too much into it?

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Heather BT said...

Perhaps, bigger might be better for now, but in 10-15 years, when the kids are out on their own, your larger house would be too big. then you'd be looking to downsize. Plus, I think Jess will do better in a house she knows well.

Bill and I have what I call a right sized house, it is big enough for our needs now, and won't be too much for us later. Our friends may have bigger houses, but that's just more to clean, and a chance to gather more useless stuff.