Thursday, June 24, 2010


I made shrimp with coconut curry and rice for dinner tonight. I used fresh peas and spinach from my garden. Nicole now says she likes shrimp as much as Philip. I wish my dad was around to share it with us. He loves shrimp too! The shrimp was on sale this week. If I had a big freezer I would buy more. It's fun to spoil the kids now and then. Juergen doesn't really like shrimp, and I could take it or leave it. This is basically for them! Sometimes I'm amazed at the love God has given to me for these kids. They can drive me crazy but I worry about them and love to spoil them. God loves us like that too. Every once in awhile he spoils us...even when we haven't been good...just because it gives him joy. Every good gift comes from him!

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