Friday, June 18, 2010

Peace to my family before the wedding

My brother is getting married tomorrow. It's a big family event, and I'm not there. My sister Shelley has really out done herself. She deservers a great deal of honor! Truly everything looks amazing! Bless you Shelley for your hard work! Bless Eric too! I hope you get some good rest after this is over. I hope God blesses the birth of your first grand baby! What an exciting summer your are having!

Rick and Amy, I love you both! It is huge the step you are taking. You need rest and peace too. Amy especially has so many changes ahead. Have fun in Hawaii. And I hope you can enjoy your big day!

Dianna, so sorry about the loss of your grand child. There is nothing I can really say. I send you my hugs and prayers. I'm glad you will finally have your own space. I'm so glad you'll be surrounded by your kids and grand kids in that new home! I still expect you to come over next year!

Mom and Dad, enjoy the ride! And also enjoy the calm after the circus has left town. You know I love you! Sorry I’m not there…but I’m never far because you are in my thoughts and heart. I will call you.

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