Friday, June 25, 2010

I love the weekend

I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed today. I’m glad it’s Friday. We can sleep in (God willing) in the morning. The weather is very nice. I hope to do allot of yard work. I’ll work on my garden today, and Petra’s yard tomorrow. I took the kids to Bad Schönborn yesterday. Nicole is getting tutored in Math by my good friend Inkeri. Philip and Sarah jumped on the trampoline while I watered plants. The plants are all doing excellent in the bucket garden. I harvested a large bowl of salad. The bell peppers are half grown, the cabbage is forming heads and there are about 10 tiny cucumbers on the vine. Everything looks beautiful! Now I want to expand the garden to include about 10 more large containers. We may need to skip the paint for now. We can grow flowers and veggies this summer, and paint the containers in the fall or winter. It’s getting late, and we don’t have time to paint anymore. We will see what can be accomplished tomorrow. I have tiny tomatoes on my plants. It’s very exciting to finally see some fruit. We only needed sunshine. But I can not control the weather! I’m so glad we finally have some sun!
So I will garden today and tomorrow. This weekend is also soccer. Germany plays England on Sunday and America plays Ghana Saturday. It can be super exciting, and or very depressing if we lose. I think Germany can win if they don’t get too nervous. They are a great team. I think America has already past my expectations. I would be amazed if they won…but that would be very cool. Ghana is Africans only team (if Ivory Coast does not advance). I am half cheering for them too. They are a great team, and Africa needs a hero too!

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