Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm up again

I'm able to move slowly today. I got up at 9am to water my plants. It is getting very hot. They say it will be over 100 F by Saturday. The kids come home early when it's hot because there is no air conditioning in the schools. I am stiff and have a little pain. I can move slowly. I'm glad nothing is broken. I tripped on the garden hose. We need to mount the hose to the wall. The pathway is too thin to have the hose just laying there. I could have broken my leg! I'm OK, thank God! It does make me think about my age. Am I really young enough to manage a small farm? I want a bigger garden, but how long could I actually manage a bigger garden? Falling down was a shock to me, and it makes me think. I'm not old yet...but I can not stop that stupid clock! I hate having to even think about getting old. If I don't plan on it...will I be able to manage it? Perhaps it's wiser to perfect what I have, and not take on new responsibilities? I want to be self sustaining, but I need to be in a situation I can actually manage. I'm not 25 years old! I think it's the pits to think about the limitations of age. But this is how it is!

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