Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check up

I had a check up today. I get so nervous before a doctors appointment. I guess I am worried they will find something wrong. Fear is such a powerful tool to paralyze us. But Juergen prayed with me and I felt OK. So it looks like everything is fine. This was the gynecology check up. Now I need to go to the house doctor for the blood screening, and another clinic for a mammogram. I have to pay for the mammogram because they are not free until age 50. It takes a little work to get a real checkup around here. I feel like an old car. I drive OK, but the oil needs to be changed and the break pads changed, and you can only expect so much at my age! The warrantee has expired years ago. If I want to keep on the road I’m going to have to get regular maintenance!

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