Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Monday

It's over cast and dark outside. It looks like rain. I'm checking the adds online. I sort of plan to go to certain stores based on what they have on sale each week. There is nothing all that exciting. I’ll just buy the basics. I'm thinking about the weekend. We can not take Mickey to the retreat. Nicole wants to go to a school play on Friday Night. I know Jessica will not be so happy at the retreat. She is restless sleeping in a strange place. So I think I'll take Jessica and Nicole on Saturday morning. I'll stay until after dinner Saturday, then come home with Jessica. This way I don't need a dog sitter. Juergen can stay all weekend with Philip, Sarah and Thomas. Nicole will be there Saturday and Sunday. It's just one hour away. It's not ideal, but nothing ever is when you have to deal with autism. Jessica spent the majority of time in her room at the last retreat we went to. I never saw anyone. I might as well stay at home. I think if I go for Saturday only, Juergen will care mostly for Jess so I can visit people. The kids basically disappear at the retreat. They have fun playing with others. They are not any work at all. It's Jessica that needs 100% attention. That’s just how it is. I accept it. Juergen and I are very good at taking turns. It would be so nice if we could do everything together…live a normal life. But that’s not how it is. I will be glad in all that I get and all that I have. It is enough! It’s more then enough! Perhaps I can Skype my family late Saturday at my brothers wedding. That would be good! That’s another good reason to come home Saturday night. I’m not that sure I can Skype from the retreat. My heart will be with my family in Oregon. I’m so excited for Rick and Amy! I pray God blesses them greatly this week and in the years to come. It is such a big deal to start a new life together.

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Shelley said...

I'm going grocery shopping myself today.
I need to make the list first.
Last night I clipped the coupons from the paper and will file them this morning.

Make the list
find coupons that are on the list
and go to the stores with the sales