Saturday, June 05, 2010

a 11 hour drive but we are home!

The photos from the trip home are HERE.

We spent a good amount to time packing the car yesterday. It's good we didn't try to visit Florence. We decided to leave early this morning. So we were up at 4:30 am and on the road at 5am. 11 hours later I feel like kissing the ground. I wanted to check my tomatoes before anything. They have grown a foot! All my plants are beautiful! I even have giant poppies still in bloom and they are so amazing! Last year we were in Cyprus and I didn't get to see them. We bought 2 tomatoes in Italy that have been cultivated for over 300 years. I'll be adding them to my big collection. I also bought artichokes and 3 kinds of basil. I also bought 2 different kinds of olive oil to go with these. We will eat well this summer.
I'm so tired! I'll write more later. If I can get it posted, here are some of our favorite photo's from the trip. It was really wonderful, but I'm also glad to be home.

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