Sunday, September 27, 2009

A garden in the hand is worth more then a bush?

I want more garden space. I have been looking for a new house with a larger yard. That would be ideal. Still that is the most expensive solution. Another idea is to buy a garden. There is a nice garden for sale near our house but it cost 15,000 Euros. I'm sure it's worth that, but would I really use it that much? I'm not sure? Then there are gardens to rent. These are very hard to find. You usually have to wait years for a garden you can rent. The point is, I found a rental garden. It only cost 399 Euros per year. It has 1000 square meters of land, over looking Heidelberg. The down side is that it's 6 KM away from my house, and it has no water or electricity. It's a beautiful garden. It has so much potential, but I can not just walk there in 5 minutes. Am I really going to use a garden I have to drive 20 minutes to get to? Should I wait for a garden near us? Should I take this garden? It's a real "find"! I'm pretty sure I can get at least my moneys worth from it. Maybe if I share the space with some of my friends it can be a friendship garden? Then I know it wouldn’t be a waste!

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Shelley said...

In NY there are waiting list to share a garden space. Similar to Germany.
Carmen even sent a a cleaver idea from tube where a guy used the bed of his truck for a portable garden.

For me the garden has to be convenient it doesn't get taken care of. Out of sight out of mind and dead plants.

I don't know that I would have the discipline it would take to garden a distance away.