Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream house

I would love a big old farm house with a yard. Well, today I found one. OK, it is in a small little town about 20 minutes from everything...but what a house. It has 9 bedrooms and a wine cellar! It has a very large yard and it's totally renovated. This big house is almost the same price as my tiny little row house. Location, location, location! The question is would I be willing to drive everywhere with 5 kids? I must say, this is a dream house to me.


RamblingMother said...

it is beautful. 20 mins would be a long way for me with one. I grew up 15 mins away from everything and there were 4 kids in my fam. My mom went to the grocery shop every 2 weeks. Once we were home after school or whatever it took A LOT to get in the mood to go back. I live in a small-ish community about 30 mins from big city. When I lived in big city I had no issue with driving to the now small-ish community two or three times a day if needed. Now it is difficult to get the motivation to go to big city, heh. It really is all what you get used to. sorry to be so long.

Shelley said...

I would do it in a heart beat with the size of your family.
I live 15 minutes from everything and I love it.
I don't miss being in town at all.
I go into town maybe once or twice a week.
Maybe there are charming little country schools there.