Monday, September 28, 2009

this secret garden

Yesterday I went with Nicole to look for the garden that's for rent. I thought I might find it by the photo’s. No luck! We looked for 2 hours. The view was great, and so was the walk. Today I had a map that the out of town owner drew. I also had Thomas with me. After two hour of hiking, no luck. Maybe I can not read maps? That's very likely! Anyway, the view was still good and I'm getting my exercise! There are over 100 garden's in this area. The paths are small and mostly unmarked. Some of the trees have signs on them saying they are from the 1800's. Nicole and I have always wanted to collect antic trees. The down side to this secret garden is it's on a pretty good hill. You may need the feet of a deer in order to garden there! I can imagine it's a wonderful place to camp, or to watch the sunset...but can you grow vegetables there? I'll send Juergen over there with a map. Let's see if he has any luck! The owner will be in town Oct 11th. I may need to wait until then to see it.

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Shelley said...

Amy you are so funny renting a garden you haven't seen yet. It truly is a secret garden.
I'm sure you'll make it beautiful once you find it.