Thursday, September 17, 2009

poor is not always how much you have but how you feel

I was drinking a coffee in my car, parked outside of the store. Next to me was an older car. It was full of cloths and books. I thought to myself this is the car of a student moving to the University. Well, 5 mins later an older women walks out of the store with a small bag of food. Then I thought, Oh maybe she is living in that car? There aren't many homeless people in Germany, but you see it more and more. I have more people approach me for money lately too. I use to say no, but I find myself giving more. We are living in hard times.
I was also thinking about poverty. There is a poverty that is physical, and sometimes it's mental. I was a pretty poor campus pastor at San Diego State University. I had a small room, a small dresser, and a mattress on the floor. I didn't own a car because I didn’t have any money. But I had all I needed and I was so happy. I didn't feel poor at all. It was rich doing what I loved. One day a "rich" pastor visited our house. I showed him around. He looked so sober. As he left he said he would try to get more funding for our ministry. All of a sudden I realized that he thought I was poor. It surprised me because I really felt rich to be doing what I loved.
When Jessica was first sick with autism, I felt so robbed. And when I went anywhere with her people would show me so much pity. I pitied myself too. But I have learned to treasure Jessica. Sure I still feel robbed of her conversation, but I realize what a gift still remains. Today I feel rich when I'm with her. The only thing that has changed is my mind.


Dianna said...

Amy we are all rich how wonderful it is that we have all of our childern in are lives. Each one is a gift from God. They all have their own challanges and ideas.We love them all just the same.

mimifrancoise said...

Amy, could you put your email on your blog. (Maybe it is ther but I could not find it). I went to a seminar today and they were saying that this technique helps kids with HDHD adn maybe with autism.
Fran in Fort worth