Friday, September 04, 2009

back to the norm

So, we are home! Juergen and I had to hold Jessica the entire 12 hour flight. It took both of us to keep her calm and quite. She did ok. The other 4 kids traveled like pro’s. I guess they all are sort of pro’s . They slept most of the flight. The problem with that was they were wired when they got home, and I was a total zombie. I managed to stay up until 8:30 pm, then I slept all night. Jet lag? What’s that??? It was raining and cold when we arrived in Frankfurt. It looks like fall here. Germany is so different from Thailand. Germany is so clean and organized. Thailand is a feast for the senses. It is loud, colorful, smells (sometimes good sometimes bad) and the food is so good! I actually like both places, they are just radically different. The rolls and coffee tasted great this morning. Today we picked up Mickey. He was overwhelmed to see us! They say he had a good time. He seems very happy. Nicole gave him a bath first thing. I also pick up my new car today. I plan to call the car Vicky after my first dog. The dog was a surprise gift from my parents. She was half collie and half terrier. She was small, smart and tan just like my new car. My dad is allergic to dogs but gave me a dog anyway because he knew how much I wanted one. The new car comes just at the right time. My 18 year old Mazda wouldn’t even start when we got home. Juergen said he would put 5 Euros of gas in her, and drive her to the car dealer. I guess I needed a new car after all. We ordered Vicky in January but she came at just the right time. So the adventure continues. Thailand was great…but so is home!

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Shelley said...

Kids seemed happy about seeing Mickey and Mickey was happy to see them.

Congrats on your new car, or should I say Vicki.