Thursday, September 24, 2009

we saw the house

At dinner last night I told the family about the villa. They rolled their eyes! But Juergen said he wanted to look it up on Google earth. So we looked at it. Before you knew it we decided to take a drive down to see it. Juergen had his navigator, and the address. I never would have found it. It is a half hour away. It is next to the S-ban, in a small village. The neighborhood is actually nice. There is a castle on the hill just above the house. My life is in Heidelberg, not Bruchsal. If I was willing to change everything (churches and schools) this place would be awesome. It is too big for us. Maybe if we had another family that wanted to buy it with us. We could have the down stairs, they could have the upstairs? It would take at least 100,000 Euro to whip it into shape. But for me it isn't going to happen. I have a love for old houses. It was great fun to find it. We had Sarah, Philip, and Jessica in the car. They all fell asleep. Juergen and I had a great talk about dreams. I think I would like to take a tour of the house on Saturday. But Realistically the answer is no. Jesus is preparing my house for me in heaven. My house has hardwood floors and a fireplace. I think the world should know I may live in an 1970 Row house with Brady Bunch architecture, but I love art deco. I'm too practical to move, but at least I can droll over the moldings!

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