Thursday, September 10, 2009

Give me grace!

I was feeling so good this morning. Then Thomas and Philip started... God help me! I will not go into details, boys can be such jerks! I made them sit down and write 100 times I will not.... Each listing his own personal crime. It took them an hour. I thought I was so smart! Then I asked them to pick up their room before lunch. But Thomas was feeling down because Nicole was going to a friends house. Why does that bother him? He has no friends. Sad but true. So instead of being someone you would want as a friend, he trashed his room in anger/sadness. I helped him clean the mess up and tried to encourage him. School starts soon. He will have a new class and a new chance to make friends. But just when I think the room is clean, I find a mountain of Lego, and laundry shoved under the dresser. Help me. So another hour later they are finally finished with the room. I have a head ache. Mostly I worry about both my boys. Philip hates his school, but it's the only school he can go to. Thomas acts like a baby half the time. People don't like that. I don't blame them. He needs a friend but he isn't very good at friendship. Oh God, please bless Thomas with a good friend! Someone who can accept him warts and all! I don't even know how to pray for Philip. School begins on Monday.


Shelley said...

Lord give Amy grace and the boys too. I pray this year will be a good year at school. Amen

Rick Moreno said...

A wise Chrisitian once wrote in her blog, "How to become a Christian", "The difference is I face all of these things with the wisdom and help of a very loving Heavenly Father. I'm not alone. If I don't know what to do, I wait until God gives me wisdom. I feel His care. I know His love."
These are wise words. They are true words. God intimately knows your heart and desire for these boys and WILL provide a way for them to grow and be fulfilled in all areas of need in their life.

Dianna said...

You Know just as much as I do that God only gives us what we can handle . I pray for peace and grace in your life as well as the boys. Good luck in school Boys I pray it will be a good year for you both.