Sunday, May 20, 2012


It's Sunday morning. Juergen took the kids to church. I slept in. Our dog Mickey kept me up half the night. He is very sensitive to storms. He shook and hyper ventilated. I tried to keep him calm. I was afraid he would have a heart attack he was so afraid. It's calm and clear today. I brought my laptop and coffee on to the terrace. It would be perfect if we did not have this steady stream of traffic from the overpass behind the house. I guess that's why the property was cheap. It is not ideal, but I'm OK with it. I would much rather have this garden with the traffic then no garden and quite. I understand that they plan on building a road that would divert most of this traffic. It will probably happen in the next ten years. Eventually it will be better. I may not live to see it built, but someone will appreciate the quite. Yesterday we did allot of work in the yard. I mowed the grass. We built 2 more raised beds, and planted them. I think we will put a straw plaster on the outside of the high raised garden beds. We may even mosaic the beds. It will take awhile to do this work. Eventually they will also be made into art.

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