Thursday, May 17, 2012


No program we have tried works for our autistic daughter Jessica. She has been home with me for nearly a year. We now have the money to hire a personal aid for Jessica. We can pay someone between 21 and 40 Euro per hour (depending on experience and training) for 20 hours a week. If you know anyone interested in being Jessica’s aid let us know. I'm pretty sure there will also be benefits (unemployment and health) included. We are very easy to work for. And flexible about vacations and time off. We just need someone who will take Jessica shopping, to the Spa in Bad Schönborn, and to the Autism center in Bruchsal for additional therapy. We want someone with experience with disabled people, or a teacher, or nurse or at least some experience with children. And someone willing to learn facilitated communication. And because you will need to change her diapers and dress her, we also want a women. We live directly near an Sbahn station (just 15 minutes from Heidelberg). Jessica’s aid would be able to use my car to take Jessica places. They could start now, or in the fall. I do want someone in the mornings. Jessica sleeps most afternoons. I personally need my free time in the mornings when the other kids are out of the house. But I’m very flexible about the times. If I find a very good person that only wants (for example ) 12 hours a week I would be open to that. Jess just needs to get out of the house…a life outside the house. And I need some hours to myself. Jessica is almost 21 years old. She has autism. She is very smart and very sweet. She also grows very attached to her special teacher. But she needs someone who is kind, loving and really strong. Someone that will really focus on Jessica…give her their full attention for the hours they spend together. She needs someone willing to take the time to get to know Jessica as a person. For example her teacher would know how much she loves to look at the fish in a pet store, or go to buy a new magazine. Her teacher would take the time to look at the store windows at Christmas time. Some English is helpful, but Jess understands and writes in German.

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