Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alive in Italy

I'm sorry we have not been online. There was no internet in our house as expected. And most people have cell phones with internet, so there are no internet cafes. We had to buy a internet stick with some time on it. And even setting this up was not easy. I have to be on Juergen's computer outside to get the reception. The trip here was long but good. We left at 4am. There was an amazing amount of traffic along the way. We got stuck at the long tunnel in Switzerland. That added 3 extra hours to the trip. But we made it. The house is an old mill where they pressed olive oil. Olive oil is big business here. The hills are covered with olive trees. I think it would be nice to see the fall harvest. It is all hills here. There is no place to play soccer. The boys are bored. The girls seem to find an easier time entertaining themselves with drawing and reading. The beds are very small. I have to share a bed with Jessica. We don't want her walking around the house at night. The stairs are very uneven. But Jess doesn't sleep well, and I have slept badly so far. Juergen and I are both tired. It has not been much of a vacation so far. Yesterday the 2 of us got to take a walk by the sea. That was very nice. And we are begin to see all there is to do. Juergen is looking into a whale watching tour. He also found a very good garden I can visit near the border of France. We will manage to enjoy ourselves. We just need to get the details worked out. Jess is stressed out, and it makes everything hard. But it is lovely here.

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Rick Moreno said...

The experience is what you make it. Im sure there are joys in hidden places along this journey. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love you.