Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day

It's been an amazing mothers day so far. First the kids were anxious to give me the gifts they had made. Philip made a soap that was covered with fleece. He also wrote me card. Sarah painted me a picture, and read me a poem. And Thomas made me a heart from fabric. Then Juergen gave me a card, and wrote something mushy that made me cry. Nicole felt bad because she had know gift. Silly girl! She had spent all day Saturday cleaning and shopping. Her entire life is a gift to me. I could not ask for more! We sent Philip and Thomas off to church in suits. Thomas had his Bible school graduation. I hear it went very well. He said it was the very best service he has ever attended. But he had helped plan the service. And that's the key...he was involved. I'm sorry I missed it. I hosted the final Alpha day. We started with brunch, and then had 3 different talks about the holy spirit. It was as wonderful as the amazing students involved. I was very honored to meet each one of them. We eat, talked, worshipped and prayed. It was a very good day. I am tired, but happy. I of course want to give thanks to my mom. I'm sorry we live so far apart. I'm so glad God blessed us with a whole month was unexpected. A real gift! My mom is wise, and she has a soft heart. She cries at all the right hallmark commercials. I'm 50 years old, and still have so much to learn from her. And I'm grateful God gave me my mom! Love you Mom, you taught me to be a good person.

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