Saturday, May 12, 2012

a sore throat

I have a sore throat. This morning it was cute because Sarah asked to pray for me, and she did. That was really sweet. Nicole helped me clean. I have the Alpha course at our house tomorrow. I'm making brunch and lunch. It's a joy to do this, but I just wish I was feeling well. I have no energy and my throat really hurts. But we will manage it anyway. Jurgen also helped. And the kids helped out in the garden. My house will never be perfect, but it looks ok for tomorrow. We have 3 talks tomorrow on who the Holy Spirit is. I just hope we can help bring these amazing students to a better understanding of God. Tomorrow Thomas and Philip will dress up in suits and go to church. They have taken part in a 2 year Bible study class. Thomas graduates tomorrow. I'm sorry I miss this, but I would have stayed home with Jessica anyway. Nicole needs to teach Sunday school. It seems our days get so full. I look forward to Italy. I need to slow way down. I think my body is saying that...that's why I'm sick!

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