Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Imperia Italy

In the end, I want to be near the sea. So I rented this house in Imperia Italy for one week. I booked it, and paid for it. It was only free for the one week. It has 4 bedrooms. It also has a view of the sea. And it was at a last muinute price! And now I'm hoping we can still get the Villa apartment near Florence for the last 5 days. I still want to see the Art and Gardens near Florence. And maybe the pool will be warm enough to use in June? So 7 days are booked, and 5 more to take care of! The sun is out and it's going to be a good day!

Up date: I got a dog hotel for Mickey. I also got the Villa near Florence for 5 days. So now I need to secure the house sitter. Then I pack! God willing we will have a nice vacation in Italy. The first week on the Riviera and the 2nd week near Florence. So we get the sun, the sea and sand as well as the high art! And of course the good food! The only thing that could make this better is my brother Rickey!

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Rick Moreno said...

:( You enjoy this trip , and some day we will go to this region again on perhaps your secod trip. Love you and am super jealous but extremely happy for you at the same time. Love you.