Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I just ordered more straw to mulch my garden. My potato's have grown very tall, and need to be covered. I also began covering all my garden beds with straw to help keep in the moister. I'm worried that the plants may get too dry when we go on vacation. I have people who will look after things for me, but you never know how well they will care for the garden. And know one is going to want to water 2 times a day if we happen to get a dry spell. Right now it's been raining, and water is no problem at all. But mulch is great for the soil. So I'm trying to mulch everything. It's what I learned from the "back to Eden" movie. Mulch is like the skin of the soil. The organisms in the soil with dry up and die without cover. Live soil feeds plants. Nothing grows well when the soil is dried out. So I used up my first 7 bales of straw and I ordered 5 more. It's great stuff! Under the straw everything stays nice and cool! I bet the worms love it!

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