Thursday, May 24, 2012

getting ready

The sun is shinning and I'm feeling very good. We are getting allot done today. Nicole, Jessica and I went to buy 3 goldfish to live in our small pond. The pond was getting mosquitoes in it. The fish will eat those right up! I didn't want to use any poison. I don't want to kill what is good, just control what's bad. I also bought sawdust to put on the potato beds. I'm hoping that will help block the light. We don't want green potatoes. I watered all the house plants. They should be fine for 2 weeks. I am also cleaning the kitchen, living room and hall today. Tomorrow I'll only need to clean bathrooms. Nearly everything is now packed. I just need to finish my cloths & Jessica's cloths. God willing I can relax a little before we go. It always seems like I need a vacation just from getting ready for a vacation. Packing for 7 is never easy. But the kids are getting better at helping. I am more or less just quality control. My vacation book has not come in the post. I also ordered the complete collection of fawlty towers on DVD. That has not come either. So I hope the mail comes soon. Vacations are for laughing and learning.

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Rick Moreno said...

Nicole's trompe l'oeil of the china cabinet is terriffic! I hope you post while on vacation. I'm there im my mind and heart. Love you.