Monday, May 07, 2012

still no house

We have asked about many houses in Italy, yet so far we have no house. I'm sort of disappointed the single family house in the lavender field is booked. I'm not surprised, just disappointed! I've found some larger apartments in Villas available. I've also found some small apartments on the Riviera available. My problem is I want the location, space, pool, and low price. it seems you can not have it all, something has to go. But the vacation is only a few weeks away. If we go, I need to get this house booked. We are too picky, too spoiled! We have had some pretty nice houses in the past. I can not find our Lemon tree house in lest not at a bargain price! I can find a grand villa apartment...maybe that should be good enough! I’m just afraid my kids will bother the other guests. I also want to hear Juergen and Nicole play guitar together. Will that bother the other guests? For us, a private house would be better.

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