Monday, May 21, 2012


God willing we go to Italy in a few days. We have the suitcases in the hallway ready to pack. I'm making lists and cleaning. I've been reading the news. There was a big earthquake in the North of Italy yesterday. It is very sad for the people who lost their lives and homes and businesses. It is pretty far from where we are going. Hopefully it will have no effect on us. We stayed in a cute (old) stone house last time were where in Italy. These houses are really charming but I sure would not want to be in one during an earth quake! So you can imagine I am a little nervous about our trip. We will again be staying in old houses. The first house is an old mill. It is over 300 years old. The second house is a large villa from the 1800's. And we will of course be visiting old churches and other locations 1000 years old. Nothing is built for earth quakes. So I pray we will be safe!

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