Friday, May 25, 2012

a hair cut and we are off to see the world

I showed one of the house sitters around. They will try to keep my plants and fish alive for us while we travel. I had a number of last minute things to take care of including a hair cut. Juergen just took Mickey to the dog hotel. We take him to the same wonderful dog trainer every time we travel. He will be fine with them, no worries. The kids have youth group tonight. Then it' straight to bed. We will try to go very early (Like 4am)to avoid the heavy traffic. The weather is not going to be so good in Italy. In fact, it's expected to be much warmer in Germany over the next 2 weeks. Oh well! But the trip is still a change of pace, a new perspective. I needed that. I should have internet there. I'll blog if I can.


Eric & Shelley said...

Have a nice trip

Rick Moreno said...

yOU KNOW YOUR'RE GONNA HAVE FUN. Deffinately an adventure. I am praying for your safety and peace. Take care, love you.