Friday, October 15, 2010

trying to make it work for me

Thomas has ADHD, and he loves computer games. I was looking for something that would help him get better at French and math. I found 2 pretty good looking games for the Nentndo DS hand held player. Now Nicole has a Nentendo but it's pretty broken. I found a new one on sale at Amazon. I figue it doesn't cost more then one months tuition at a private school, and less then one months fees for a French and Math tutor. I think the novalty of having a new toy to play with just might help him do his French and Math. The trick will be no other games allowed. After all, who wants to train French when you can play Star Wars? I'll tell you how it works out. I need to find a German game, and we have him covered! He loves technology, lets make it work for us!

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