Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nicole's dress

Nicole and I did go shopping. This is the dress we got her at C&A. It fit's her well. I gave her a string of pearls to wear, and a red and black silk scarf to wear over her arms. She also got new black pumps to match the dress. We even got her 2 new pairs of jeans. I'm much poorer, but she will look great in Vienna! When her other dresses finally come, I'll send them back. Actually, one of the dresses may do for the graduation Ball. She is taking a camera with her. I will ask for photo's of her all dressed up!


caring for the garden said...

Her first little black dress.It looks very nice, very versitle. I want to see her in it too. Hope she has a great time in Vienna. Mom

Shelley said...

Very classy
What is the building in the background

Jill W said...

She will look absolutely stunning in that dress!