Sunday, October 03, 2010

my new garden?

There is a garden in Heidelberg. It stands on the hills between Heidelberg and Leimen (5 minutes from my house). It is right below Boxberg if you are a local. The owner has been a hobby wine grower for 25 years. Now he wants to retire from growing (it's allot of work). He has children but they do not want the land. He wants to hold the land for his children to inherit. So for now he wants to rent the land for 50 Euro per year. He will give us a lease for 10 years. He will not restrict us in it's use. If we want to tear out the grapes we can. We can grow fruit trees instead. We can put up a guest house. We can put in a fire pit. We can put in a large vegetable garden. No restrictions, 10 years,600 square meters, 50 euro per year. Unbelievable! So now we are thinking about the investment of money and time (mostly time). We can have a playground. We can have a place for our giant trampoline. I can have all the plants I ever wanted! I can have apples, pears, peaches and plums. Maybe I can even keep chickens? The view is great, and the location amazing. I feel like I'm dreaming! I could not manage 600 square meters of grapes. That is too much work. But he said I can remove all the grapes. He doesn’t care. I would keep some grapes, but only what I can use for juice and jelly. I think fruit trees and vegetables in raised garden beds will be much easier to manage! I have a good imagination. I think the biggest investment of time will be in developing the infrastructure. Once that’s developed it could be very manageable. Perhaps we can hire people to help us develop the raised beds, garden house, fire area, playground, compost area, and fruit garden? After that I can maintain it alone. I’m sorry we didn’t get the old house, but maybe God just had this in mind instead. I’ve been looking 10 years for a garden in these hills. I really honestly feel like I’m just dreaming this!!! Oh how amazing!

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caring for the garden said...

Maybe someone or several someones would be willing to put in time and effort to help with infrastructure in trade for some of those amazing grape vines. Mom