Tuesday, October 05, 2010

a dress for the opera

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Nicole told me tonight that she needs something to wear to the opera in Vienna. She has a class trip to Vienna in 3 weeks. They will be seeing all the sights, including the Opera. Now if you know Nicole, she is as "tom boy" as they come. She hates to dress up. She asked me to get her a nice pants suit. I looked up the Vienna Opera online. It's pretty fancy. I am afraid she has got to be pretty fancy. I think she will be more comfortable in a long gown. This way she can wear flat shoes, and no pantyhose. A pant suit is not going to cut it! So She needs a evening dress for the opera, and another one for the graduation ball next summer. Talk about your fish out of water! My poor sweetheart! She is so beautiful but she hates to dress up!

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