Thursday, October 21, 2010

He is our peace

The Bible says that God knows what we need before we ask him. It also says we should seek him first, and all these things (food, cloths etc) would be added unto us! I ordered 2 dresses for Nicole online 2 weeks ago. She goes to Vienna on Saturday morning. She needs a dress for the Opera. The dresses have not come! She has no time to shop tomorrow. We only have 2 hours tonight to shop. 2 hours before the stores close. I’m praying UPS shows up before Nicole returns from her Math Tutor. I do not want to race out to buy a dress! But you know what? God knows! I thank God I have money to buy her a dress. She has shoes for her over sized feet (I had to order those special). What an awesome opportunity! I love Vienna! It is a very cool city. Vienna has great art, and great cafes. I wish she was taking a train. They are traveling on a bus. Please pray for a safe trip.
This has been (is) a crazy busy day. I could use some peace! I love the old song….

Jesus has broken down every wall. He is our peace, he is our peace. Jesus has broken down every wall, he is our peace…he is our peace.
Cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you…he is our peace…he is our peace!

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