Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sarah is in the hospital

Update on Sarah

Last night Sarah woke up with a swollen face. It was about 1am. Juergen called the Dr, and he was told to go right to the hospital. He waited with Sarah over 2 hours. At about 3:30am I finally got the news. They would check her into the children’s hospital and begin an IV antibiotic. They didn’t know what it was, but she also had a high fever. Sarah was 100% fine when she went to bed. It was a shock to see her face swollen like she had large oranges stuffed into each cheek!
Juergen stayed at the hospital with her. Today the Dr’s will run tests. It could be mumps, but it’s probably not that. She slept well. She is happy. I spoke with her on the phone. It is an adventure to her. The fever is down. The cheeks are still swollen. I guess she will be in the hospital 2 days, but it looks like she is very stable. I don’t know if it is Mumps, a spider bite, an allergy? I guess we will maybe find out today. But she seems to be safe, and I’m sure she will be OK.
Today is my 20th wedding Anniversary. We had plans to eat breakfast out, and walk in a palace garden. We were also going out to dinner. Juergen gave me beautiful flowers last night. Those plans are not canceled, just put on hold for another day. I married an extraordinary man. He is more then everything I could have ever hoped for. I’m sorry he is spending this day in the hospital, but so glad we will be there together.


caring for the garden said...

Good news that the fever is down. Also glad that Sarah is in a positive mood, not afraid. Please let us know what is going on when you do find out.

Happy 20th anniversary to you and Juergen. Your plans for the day sound wonderful. But it is the thought that counts. We love you. Mom & Dad

Rick Moreno said...

"Tomorrow morning, if you wake up and the sun doesn't seem to shine, I will be there..." Seems as if Juergen has always kept that promise!
Congratulations. My prayers are there for my sweet Sarah. Please give her hugs from her God Pappa.