Friday, October 29, 2010

It was faster then I had thought

Last week I thought I should ask the sister of Philip's best friend to go to Royal Rangers. I knew I would need to take care of the little brother during the 2 hours of Royal Rangers because the mom is not home. I was thinking about it...but Philip did it. He asked, they said yes, and they showed up. What could I do? I said OK. I brought the sister, and I carved Halloween pumpkins with he brother. He had a great time with me. Next time we will make gingerbread houses. The sister had a great time too. Philip's best friend loves it. And Philip has already invited his other friend from school. The problem with this is that the other friend is Muslim. I need to speak with his parents first. I don't want any trouble. So, I guess I'm taking care of a little boy (the terror of the neighborhood) every Friday. He was nothing but good for me. Please pray for them. They are so open to know God. They are so hungry for love.


caring for the garden said...

Kids do not have all the baggage, concerns, angzieties that adults suffer. They just do it. So out of the mouths of babes, so to speak, it is taken care of. No doubt as to God's will in this.

Dianna said...

I knew you could do it. You will not have any problems if you can come up with stuff for him to do. Which I am sure you will not have a problem doing that. good luck I will be praying. love ya Dee