Monday, October 11, 2010

The scaffolding came down today. The house looks very nice. I am also happy to look out of my windows and not see a painter looking back at me. Actually, one painter is still here working on the balcony. I think he will also be finished today. Then the doors and windows can be opened up, and the sun can shine in! Jessica has a very bad cold. I feel like I'm playing catch up from last week. I have major cleaning and laundry to do. I also have tones of work to do in my garden, and Petra's garden. Everything has to be cleaned up before winter. I did make some jelly this weekend from fruit my friend Bridgette brought over. I'm anxious to finish that up so I can put the canner away.

Do you like the blue? It goes with the tile on our front wall, and the painting on our garage door. I would love a stainedglass window on the bathroom window above the front door. My be a giant sun? And I want a new front door. Something old old wooden door!

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