Sunday, October 24, 2010

the news

Yesterday was very full. Nicole went to Vienna, we cleaned the yard and house, the boys had a party, and we went to a party. The boy's party went really well. They bowled, eat pizza, then came home and played on the computer. It was Thomas' first real friend party. He was very happy! I'm so blessed he had a great time! My camera is broken. I took photo's at the bowling alley, but they just didn't turn out! My camera is totally broken! I sent the small spare camera with Nicole. Juergen says he will buy me a new camera for my birthday. I was hoping I could get by without a new camera. I wanted a paint gun for my birthday. But the camera died just in time! Our babysitter can not watch the kids until next month, so I'll celebrate my birthday then. Maybe we can rent a paint gun? I want to paint the inside of my house next month!

The boys started to attend Royal Rangers 2 weeks ago. This week Philip brought his best friend to the group. The friend loved it. I would like to see Victoria, the sister of Philips friend attend Royal Rangers. The problem is, the mother works. Victoria is watching the youngest brother. If Victoria goes to Royal rangers, then who will watch the young brother? Should I watch the little brother so Victoria can go to Royal Rangers? The little brother is the terror of the neighborhood. But going to Royal Rangers could transform Victoria's whole life! Thomas may also ask a few friends to attend the group. I watch Sarah and Jessica during that time. Juergen will have to come home early so I can manage it. In a year or 2 the little brother could also attend Royal Rangers. It's just a few hours a week for one or 2 years. But what's that compared to the life long impact this could have? I must be getting old because it seems kind of scarry to me! This kid is a real handful!

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