Saturday, April 24, 2010

up date from my yard

I spent about 5 hours in the garden. The weather is super. We planted hanging flower baskets, more plants in the rock garden, and 20 buckets of tomato plants I started from seeds. I also planted one more jumbo sack garden with cabbages, egg plant, celery, and beets. Yesterday we got our sweet corn in the ground. Almost everything is planted. I still need one more jumbo sack garden to put my other seedlings in. They need about a month before they have to be transplanted. I am thinking about waiting to plant Peteras garden after we return from Italy in June. I am going to be challenged enough getting my plants watered when we are gone. I'm searching for a house sitter/ plant baby sitter! I'm also looking at setting up a drip irrigation system. If I can set up a drip irrigation system to a timer, I will never have to water my garden. We are talking low maintenance. I need that! I tend to get busy and forget my plants!

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