Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting plastic

I'm thinking of painting my plastic plant containers. Has anyone ever done that? I read you need to use a special paint primer or the paint will chip. I am using allot of plastic containers in my garden this year. I buy these heavy black buckets you use to do construction. Generally they are for mixing up cement or grout. We drill holes in the buckets and put rocks on the bottom to help improve the drainage. I have 40 black rubber buckets for my tomatoes and a few other plants. They work very well, but they are not pretty. I was thinking of having a bucket garden at my friend Petra's house. She said I could use her space. I don't want to put in anything permanent (it's not my yard). A bucket garden would work. But black construction buckets are not good looking. If I spray paint them...or have the kids do the job it could be very colorful and fun! I already have my containers in my yard planted, so I'll have to wait until next year to paint my pots. But I haven't done Petra's garden yet. I might as well give her color!

We also might put a giant trampoline in Petra’s yard. I asked her if that would be ok, and she gave it some thought. She said she would enjoy it. I found a super big trampoline online for a good price. It is 427 meters round with a net around it. I think it’s harder to fall off a bigger trampoline so they are safer. When I bring the kids down to work on Petra’s yard they can jump. They will probably come with me once a week to garden. Petra has one teenage daughter. She said she would love a trampoline, and Petra thinks she will also use it. I want to be very careful to only do what is ok with Petra. After all it’s her yard, not mine. I totally want to respect and bless her, not get in her way! We have zero space in our small yard for a trampoline, but the kids really love them. Their Uncle Wolfgang has one in his garden. It is the hit!

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Rick Moreno said...

About the paint, In the states, they make a special spray paint especially for applying to plastic. I bought plastic tubs that look like the old galvanized steel tubs for drinks for the wedding and then bought a can of aluminum tinted spray paint. Now, I have really cool tubs for less than half the price of a real one. I suggest you look for spraypaint made for applying to plastic.