Saturday, April 24, 2010

a billionaire for one day!

This morning Juergen was reading the Heidelberg paper. There was a story about one of the founders of SAP (the software company Juergen works for). Hopp was asked how he feels about being very rich. He said he was basically a simple man. He still has one car in his garage, lives in the same house etc. Money is nice when you need it, but the billions are wasted on him. He did tell a story that was cool! He was having lunch at a restaurant with other very well off men. He went to the toilet. In Germany they have people who take care of the toilets and you generally give them a 1 Euro tip. He gave the women 50 euros. It made him feel so good to bless this women He went back to his lunch and asked his rich friends if they had to pee!
I love that story! I turn 50 next year (Oct 2012). I think I'll take a dozen friends out to Horton Galleria for cake and coffee. Their are 2 African ladies taking care of the restroom. I want to be a billionaire for one day!

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