Thursday, April 15, 2010

I over did it

I wanted to build another garden sack today but I'm afraid I over did it in the garden. My back hurts a bit. It's not totally bad, I had better just go easy for a day or two. I moved over 400 liters of dirt yesterday. I should get one of those support belts you see in home improvement stores. My back's only sore...but I don't want it to get bad.

Philip called from school. I had to pick him up because he was sick. The weather has been cold and wet. It's so easy to get "it" right now.

I read that air traffic has halted across Europe because of ash clouds from Iceland’s volcano. I'm glad I'm not stuck in an airport unable to fly. It's amazing to me the power of a volcano. We want to control everything...but we can not. We can not control the Earth quakes,rain,or volcano ash. We are weak but He is strong (yes Jesus loves me)!

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