Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I just pulled myself out of a very warm bed to make sure my boys got off to school. One of them is in the habit of going with out a coat. You would think he wouldn't forget when it's below freezing, but it takes awhile for him to registers cold. And then he is half way to school, and will not turn back for his coat. The other rides a bike. And I got the "MOM" look when I made him bring reflector lights. His hair is black, his coat is black, and the sky is dark. He does not drive a car. He can not judge if cars can see him on his bike. He can only think how uncool the reflectors look. I have to drag myself out of a warm bed for this ungrateful audience. I don't expect they will ever think to say thank you. In a year or two they will be on there own. Right now Sarah is much more receptive to my input. I hope she continues to be appreciative. I guess the boys just don't want to be babied. They aren't babies anymore.

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