Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So we booked the vacation

I spent allot of hours looking at houses, and trying to consider what to do. But today Juergen and I went ahead and booked the same Villa we stayed in last year. It really is perfect for our family. It's old and beautiful for me, low costing for Juergen, and has a good pool and a soccer field for the kids. It has the space for Jessica to have her own bedroom (very important for an autistic person to have their own space). And there are allot of interesting things to go do and see. The down side is the drive. But we will survive it (I hope). And I can look forward to the trip. I feel compelled to get some of these "big things" scheduled. The calendar seems to be filling in very fast this year. I'm not generally one to plan so far in advance. But this year seems different in that way. There are a number of "bigger" things I want to do. Paint the house, travel to England, Italy and America. So that decision is made. We hope to travel to Italy in May. And part of what drove me was the fact that my kids still want to go on family vacations. So many of my friends now take vacations without their kids. I'm sure that will be nice in it's time. But for now, I'm glad my kids still want to go on family trips. We almost said no to the trip. Let's just stay home this year. But in a few years the kids will be grown and gone. So I rethought that idea. And 2 weeks of family seemed better then just staying home. They will not be with us forever.

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Shelley Stuewe said...

America is a nice place to visit. when are you thinking of coming?