Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I really want is Thailand

It's very cold today. And they say we will be getting snow tonight. Jessica's teacher just returned from Central America. She came down with a fever. Hopefully it's nothing serious. But Jess is home. Most likely for the rest of this week. And I know we can afford Italy, but I really want to go to Thailand. I even tell myself Texel (a very cold Island off Holland) would be fine. But we have never had much luck with the weather there. The place is very beautiful. I know there are much bigger problems in this world. It really is the cold, dark, depressing German winter talking. But if I could go anywhere on a vacation, I would most surely go to Thailand. There is no other place my entire family was so united and relaxed and happy. There is just something special about the sunshine, the food, the water and the fact that Philip, Thomas and Sarah look like everyone else. Jessica loves it there. The sunshine does her good. She is a different person. And when Jessica is happy, we are all happy. The flight is a nightmare, but one worth enduring. I wish money was no object. But it is an object. The cost of airline tickets have gone way up. And I'm starting to think we should just stay home this year and paint the house. I get to go to England with Nicole, and America in the fall. The kids will all go to summer camp. I'm sure I'll be better when the weather improves. I was never a fan of winter. I should turn my thoughts to a freshly painted house. That is a dream that could be realized.

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