Friday, January 04, 2013


You can find really cool stuff on eBay. I have had my eye on this wagon for the past week. Juergen has resisted my making a bid. And the truth is, everything I buy on eBay means work for him. But he finally allowed me to bid on the wagon. It is being sold from someone in the next village (less then 5 miles away). It sells in 2 days. There is no guarantee I’ll win the bid. I can not imagine there is a high demand for old hey wagons. I would put it in my vegetable garden as a sort of sculpture. I would fill it with plants, and surround it with old cottage garden flowers. I would need to find a way of getting it home. And then getting it into the back yard. The wheels would need to be made secure, and some kind of steps built so I could get up into the wagon to garden. But I think it would be charming. And now Juergen agrees with me. He is out test driving a car we may buy for Nicole and Jessica. The State gives me money for gas and maintenance on my car. Jessica’s teacher uses my car 5 days a week to drive Jess to school. The only free time I have is in the morning, but I have no car. So I stay home. And then Nicole barrows my car many afternoons and evenings. So I also stay home. And my car gets used allot, but not by me! So now Nicole has a job and can pay for half a car. And Jess can pay for half a car with the money the state is paying for gas and maintenance. And Juergen is out test driving a car. And perhaps I’ll win that much more freedom and flexibility in this new year. And I’m grateful to just have that much more freedom and control over my schedule in the mornings. Sadly Juergen’s vacation is nearly over. We didn’t do much. But I feel rested. And I guess I will get allot of stuff done in the next month. And maybe I will have an old wagon in my vegetable garden.


Rick Moreno said...

Love the wagon! I always thought of using an old wooden boat as a raised be in my garden, but haven't found one that suites me yet. Please email me todayand let me know when you are available to talk on skype. Love you ;)

Shelley Stuewe said...

That is cool, that would be great for a road side stand.